Friday, May 2, 2014

An Unexpected Journey...

I debated whether or not to share our story, as it opens up a personal part of our lives to everyone. But at the same time, it allows us the chance to help others that have found themselves in the same or similar situation. I have found healing in reading other blogs or about experiences that are similar to ours and we would like to share this gift with others and describe how our faith has played an important part in this journey.

Another reason for sharing our story is to help others understand what we are going through. For those that haven’t known our journey over the past year, we have often hidden our times of deep pain and high joys. Putting on a mask can often be exhausting so there is a sense of a weight lifted in not feeling like we are carrying around a huge secret anymore. Maybe it would also help us to answer all those questions of, “when are you going to have kids?” that we find ourselves without a good answer or not wanting to relive our story over again. Those who ask this question have no idea what kind of response they could be in for! So instead we usually just leave it simple and close-ended.

For those that have supported us during this journey, I have often heard and felt they don’t always know what to say or do or how to act around us. Our hopes are that this blog will enlighten those who we love to understand our experience as well as share how our faith has helped us to cope during this difficult time.

I like to call this “experience” an unexpected journey, with hopes that the end will be a happy one, and that this leg of our journey will truly end. Many days I find looking back over the past year that this journey has been exhausting- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Yet, this journey is no where close to over. We know that God has a plan for us, and though we don’t know what it is, we are trusting Him to lead us.

To read our full story, click on the Our Story link found above.

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